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Captain Kombucha - hero

Captain Kombucha

Mind the Gut

Orkla launched a new kombucha brand in Denmark. To drive awareness and qualified knowledge around the brand and the new product, we invited a group of influencers to join us for a breakfast and a content creation day. Each influencer was carefully selected to match the brand values of the Gutsy Captain Kombucha; Michelle Kristensen, a health specialist on Instagram, Emma Martiny, a nutrition and recipe Instagrammer, Danica Chloe, a Yogi and mum Instagrammer and Anne Mini, an Instagrammer known for her running. The content we created on the day, was used in the above the line communication. Whereas the influencers pushed the message of the launch and brand on owned media, such as Instagram, below the line.

Det Kriminalpræventive Råd

Tune In

The aim of this campaign was to reduce the number of sexual assaults among young Danes by teaching them about sexual consent. This target group is hard to reach both physically and mentally, therefore we needed to create content that they wanted to spend time with and not just scroll through. The campaign was built around a music track and a music video as well as a mini docu-series all starring urban artists Louis Samson and Emil Kruse. Through music and video they explained the concept of consent in a language accepted by teens. We also created relevant ‘tune in’ merchandise to hand out during the weekends (condoms etc.).


Never Forgotten

With an objective of decreasing the number of young men getting hurt or killed in and around train stations, we created a campaign centered around a music track created by rap artist ICEKIID and a powerful music video connecting emotionally with the target audience. The campaign ran across the country on a wide selection of media in many different formats.