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Introducing a revolutionary product in a market unaware of its existence poses a unique challenge. Despite Cashbackmedvisa.dk's innovative approach to everyday savings, a staggering 95% of Danes remained in the dark about cashback services. The crux of the issue lay in launching a state-of-the-art financial tool within a community unfamiliar with its concept or benefits. Our mission was to not only illuminate the value of Cashbackmedvisa.dk, but also simplify the cashback process to its core, ensuring every Dane could effortlessly participate in this saving revolution. From introducing the service to ensuring seamless integration into daily life, the goal was to turn skepticism into savings, one download at a time.


Danes are known for their timeless tradition of bargain hunting—a cultural hallmark that exists as an integral part of the shopping experience. This insight paved the way for 'The Last Bargain Hunters,' a campaign that resonates with the Danish ethos of thrift and pragmatism. By framing Cashbackmedvisa.dk as the ultimate tool in the bargain hunter's toolbox, we tapped into a deeply rooted national pride in smart saving, offering an effortless way to earn while they spend.

  • ClientVisa
  • ProjectCashbackmedvisa.dk
  • DeliverablesTVC, Social Content, Toolkit, High Impact Banners
  • Year2023