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Det Kriminalpræventive Råd

Tune In


Teenagers are at high risk when it comes to sexual assaults. Studies show that the assaults are often caused by poor communication. So how do you raise awareness of consensual sex without losing the teenagers attention?


Teens don’t respond to authority, they reject authority.


We broke through the bullshit filter of the target audience by using music to create an emotional connection. Artists Emil Kruse and Louis Samson wrote a track about consensual sex, and a music video along with a making-of-documentary was created as the core of the campaign. The campaign was activated via Youtubers, PR, a live concert at the award show Guldtuben and the sampling of 45.000 condoms carrying the campaign message: ‘Tune In’.


16,5 million impressions across owned, earned, and paid media. 2/3 of the target group testified in a campaign analysis, that they would be more conscious of sexual consent in the future. The target group spent more than 3,5 years with the campaign across platforms in only 10 weeks.

  • ClientDet Kriminalpræventive Råd
  • ProjectTune In
  • DeliverablesMusic track, music video, documentary, talent, social, merchandise
  • Year2019