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Never Forgotten


Teenage boys between the ages of 15 and 17 are at the core of DSB’s statistics of people who are seriously injured or killed in railroad-related accidents. They often end up in precarious situations because they don't consider the consequences of their reckless behaviour on the platform.


Young people refuse to listen when they are being told something. However, they love to listen to music.


To ensure that our message was not just told, but actually listened to, we collaborated with rapper and artist ICEKIID, who’s known and loved by the target audience. Together we created the track “Aldrig Glemt” to tell the story of staying safe on the platforms. To secure reach and effect, the video was atomized on social media and displayed on DSB’s platforms around the country.


82% of respondents declared that they would consider their behaviour around railway in the future. 85% of the target group said they thought the campaign was good or very good (benchmark: 51%). 67% of the target group stated that they knew the campaign (un-aided), compared to the DSB benchmark of just 17%.

  • ClientDSB
  • ProjectNever forgotten
  • DeliverablesMusic track, music video, talent, social, merchandise
  • Year2021